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38mm-68mm Height HDPE Grass Grid

high quality plastic grass lawn grid

Brief Introduction

The grass grid takes HDPE as raw material, is environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, and perfectly realizes the integration of lawn and parking lot. The grass grid is pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, aging-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which improves the environmental quality and saves investment. The grass grid adopts a unique flat-inserting lap, which saves labor, is convenient to construct and can adjust expansion joints.


  1. Parking Lot: both parking and urban greening
  2. Living Community: improving community environmental quality
  3. Roof Garden: convenient construction, beautiful and durable
  4. Slope protection: lawn protection and soil erosion prevention
  5. Pedestrians, golf lanes, Convention and Exhibition centers, etc.


Length*Width: 500mm*500mm

Height:38mm,48mm,68mm or customized

Color:Green,Black or customized

Bearing Capacity:>200t/sq.m.

Main Feature

  1. Environmental protection, non-toxic, pollution-free, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, and strong grass planting function.
  3. Reducing ground reflection and ground thermal radiation.
  4. Reduce the transmission of a ground sound wave and noise pollution.
  5.  Reducing dust and purifying air.
  6. Natural seepage of rainwater, no soil loss, and no water accumulation.
  7. Natural circulation of water, air, and fertilizer, the soil layer is not compacted.
  8.  Increasing Green Area, Simple Construction and Light Weight.
  9. Free combination and disassembly, reusable.
  10. Good load-bearing effect: can bear 200 T/or more weight.