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A German Customer Visited Our Turf Factory

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Last Friday, we received a friend from Germany. He is a customer of ours.

A month ago, we received an inquiry from him. He wanted to buy about three containers of artificial turf. And he wanted to find a long-term supplier. Then we provided him with the price list quickly. And we also send him the product catalog of our company. After that, we received his Email. He said that he is interested in our products and our company. And he wanted to know more about our company.

So we sent him the samples of turf. And we invited him to visit our factory. After about a month of negotiation, he was satisfied with our products and company. Finally, he decided to visit our factory. And he intended to make the final decision.

On Friday, he arrived in China. We received him warmly. On Saturday, we took him to visit our artificial turf factory. We introduced to him the materials, machines and production technology needed in our production. He visited the production process, finished products and packaging of artificial turf. After the visit, he told us that he was satisfied with our products and factories. He was willing to place this order with us. And hope to establish long-term cooperation with us.

He left China yesterday. He hopes to sign a contract with us when he returns the company.  We are very happy to meet this friend from Germany. Similarly, we welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory. If you need some products, please feel free to contact us.