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Anti-seepage Engineering of Landfill Site

The waste filtrate in the landfill reservoir area is a kind of organic wastewater with high concentration. If we do not take measures, once the leakage, it will inevitably bring serious consequences. The purpose of anti-seepage engineering is to cut off the passage of leachate from the reservoir area to the outside by using natural or artificial anti-seepage layer. Completely eliminate leachate leakage, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of landfills, do not know that secondary pollution.

HDPE Geomembrane

At present, three kinds of anti-seepage layers are commonly used:

Generally speaking, HDPE impervious layer is a more convenient and reliable method. It has the following remarkable characteristics:

  1. The anti-seepage effect is reliable. Its permeability coefficient is less than 10-13cm/s, which is four quantities higher than that of bentonite plate.
  2. Its construction is more convenient than bentonite slab. And its site adaptability is higher.
  3. Its tensile strength, elongation at break and puncture resistance are better than those of bentonite plate.
  4. The seams can be connected by two peaks of hot welding machine. Moreover, the joint has high strength and is not easy to leak.
  5. Convenient storage and transportation.