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Application of Composite Geomembrane in Building Seepage Control System

In housing construction, there are some leakage phenomena in roof, wall, toilet, and basement. The problem of flat roof leakage is prominent. Especially in the rainy season with heavy rain and rainstorm weather, the leakage situation is more obvious.

At this time, composite geomembrane can solve this problem very well. Geomembrane in composite geomembrane has good impervious and waterproof property, high tensile strength and adaptability to deformation. Geotextiles on composite geomembrane not only can drain and exhaust, but also can withstand the damage of external forces, and improve the anti-sliding ability of contact interface.

The general structure of roof waterproofing system

First, a layer of cement mortar leveling layer is laid on the roof. It is covered with composite high quality textured hdpe geomembrane for waterproofing and heat insulation. Finally, make a rigid waterproof layer of fine stone concrete.

Composite Geomembrane

Non-woven fabric is a kind of polymer short-fiber chemical material, which is formed by needling or thermal bonding. It has high tensile strength and elongation.

When it is combined with plastic film, not only the tensile strength and puncture resistance of plastic film are increased, but also the friction coefficient of the contact surface is increased due to the rough surface of non-woven fabric, which is beneficial to the stability of composite geotechnical film and protective layer.

At the same time, they have good corrosion resistance to bacteria and chemical action and are not afraid of acid, alkali and salt erosion.