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Application of geosynthetics in flood control engineering

Application Status of Geosynthetics

Geosynthetics were introduced into China in the late 1970s and applied in geotechnical engineering. Since 1991, the State Flood Control and Drought Relief General Command has issued the task of production and reserve of geosynthetics as flood control and emergency materials.

In each basin, braided bags, composite fabrics, geotextiles and wave-proof fabrics (i.e., braided fabrics covered with film) are stored separately.

Application of Geosynthetics in Flood Control Engineering

How to use Geosynthetics for emergency protection in flood season is an urgent problem to be solved. It is a new technology to use Geosynthetics for flood control and emergency rescue.

Geosynthetic materials are mainly used for drainage, filtration and seepage control in flood control engineering. It plays the role of drainage, filtration and anti-seepage. It is often used for emergency protection of embankments, culverts and blockages. The danger can be eliminated in time.

Flood control dykes are the main barriers against floods. And it is also the material basis for overcoming floods. In flood season, the water level of rivers is always high. When the flood is nestled in the dike, the dike will be destroyed under the action of the current. For some weak links or hidden dangers of dikes, they are liable to emerge dangerous situations after water encounter.

The emergency protection scheme of flood control works should be formulated according to different types of dangerous situations and causes of emergencies. The application of geosynthetics in emergency protection of flood control projects should also select different types according to the type of danger, the cause of danger and the scheme of emergency protection.