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Application of The geocell (1)

Application of The geocell (1)

1.It can be used to treat semi-filled and semi-excavated roadbed.

When building embankments on slopes with a natural gradient of 1:5, steps should be excavated at the base of embankments. And the width of step should not be less than 1M.

When constructing or rebuilding highways in stages, steps should be excavated at the junction of new and old roadbed filling slopes. The width of high-grade highway steps is generally 2M.

Geocells are laid on the horizontal surface of each step. The problem of uneven subsidence can be solved better by utilizing the reinforcement effect of vertical and lateral limit of geocell itself.

2.It can be used for roadbed in sandy areas.

Low embankment is the main Subgrade in sandy area. The filling height is generally not less than 0.3M.

Because of the special requirements of low roadbed and heavy load bearing in windy sand area, the use of geocell can play a side-limiting role in loose filling. It can guarantee the subgrade with high stiffness and strength in a limited height to withstand the load stress of large vehicles.

3.It can be used to reinforce abutment back.

Geocell can better achieve the purpose of reinforcing the abutment back.

Sufficient friction between geocell and filler can effectively reduce the uneven settlement between subgrade and structure. Finally, it can effectively alleviate the early impact damage of the vehicle on the bridge deck.