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Application of The geocell (2)

Application of The geocell (2)

4.It can be used for Subgrade in permafrost area.

When filling roadbed in permafrost area, the minimum filling height should be reached. This prevents frost boiling or lowering the upper limit of the frozen layer. It can effectively prevent excessive settlement of embankment.

The unique vertical reinforcement effect of geocell can effectively implement the overall lateral limitation. The minimum filling height in some special areas can also be ensured to the greatest extent. And make the filling have high quality strength and stiffness.

5.It can be used for treatment of collapsible loess roadbed.

When Expressway and first-class highway pass collapsible loess and loess section with better compressibility, or when the allowable bearing capacity of high embankment is lower than the pressure of vehicle's combined load and embankment's dead weight, the subgrade should also be treated according to the bearing capacity requirements. At this time, the superiority of geocell is undoubtedly demonstrated.

6.Saline soil and expansive soil

Highway, first-class highway, shoulder and slope constructed with saline soil and expansive soil need reinforcement measures. The reinforcement effect of the elevation of the cell is the best of all reinforcement materials. Moreover, it has excellent corrosion resistance and can fully meet the requirements of constructing highway in saline soil and expansive soil.