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Application of Uniaxial Geogrid

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There are many kinds of geogrid, which can be divided into unidirectional geogrid, bidirectional geogrid, steel-plastic geogrid (for mining), glass fiber geogrid and warp knitting geogrid.

Use of uniaxial geogrids:

Unidirectional geogrids is a kind of high strength structural material, which is suitable for highway, municipal road, railway, airstrip and so on.
1. Enhance the subgrade, can effectively distribute the load, improve the stability of the subgrade and bearing capacity and service life.
2. Prevent subgrade material loss caused by subgrade deformation, or even fracture.
3. Can withstand a greater variable load.
4. Suitable for all kinds of soil, no need for different materials, saving time and labor; And the construction is simple and fast.