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Capillary Drainage Board

Capillary Drainage Board

We have introduced a kind of drainage board before. Today, we will introduce another kind of  drainage board——Capillary Drainage Board.

Brief Introduction

PVC capillary drainage board is made of PVC high density polymer material with good toughness. Burying it in the soil can play a role in pulling up the soil.

Different from the traditional design, the capillary drainage plate is designed with dense grooves. And when the capillary drainage plate is embedded, the groove surface should be downward. This allows water to be sucked upstream and downward into the capillary conduit.

As a result, soil particles are naturally precipitated by gravity and will not enter the capillary aqueduct with water flow. Therefore, there will be no siltation near the intake trench.

Main Feature

1. No clogging: directly utilizing natural gravity phenomenon to produce soil-water separation effect.

2. High permeability property: the opening rate is 20%, and the effective water absorption area is large.

3. High drainage efficiency: using capillary force, leading to high drainage efficiency.

4. Resistance to earth pressure: Arch bridge structure design, effective dispersion of stress distribution.

5. Simple construction: drum packaging, small transport volume. Reduce transport, storage, management, work costs. And do not need joints, can improve efficiency.

6. Good durability: PVC high-density polymer material, anti-ultraviolet, good durability

Main Application