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Causes of Sugaring on Concrete Pavement

Causes of Sugaring on Concrete Pavement

How to reinforce concrete pavement, not sugaring? There are two main construction reasons for sandblasting on the concrete pavement:

1. Untimely maintenance or insufficient maintenance time. It makes the surface strength lower and causes sanding.

2. The collapsibility of road concrete is generally small. And the surface slurry insufficient when it is retracted. In order to finish the face conveniently, workers sprinkle water or dip water to collect light, changing the water-cement ratio of the surface cement slurry. Cause the surface strength to be on the low side, cause sugaring.

3. In addition, unreasonable mix design or unqualified cement quality may also cause sand. Therefore, raw materials should be strictly controlled in construction. As long as these reasons are avoided, sand will not generally arise.

Damage types of cement concrete pavement

The damage types of cement concrete pavement include fracture, rutting, sand, exposed bone and so on.

For the fracture, the fractured plate can be broken and reworked. For some sand-blasting phenomena, it can only be determined according to the quality of construction. According to the requirements of construction specifications, it can not be remedied, and can only be reworked.

The geotechnical network plays an important role in the process of Pavement Reinforcement or repair. Tomorrow, we will talk about the construction process of the geotechnical network in road repair.