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Common Problems in Geomembrane Laying

Common problems in geomembrane laying:

1. The geomembrane shall be laid in the construction phase to avoid over tension.

It is one of the important strategies to ensure the stability of the project to pull the geomembrane during the laying process. Once the geomembrane is pulled too tight during the laying process, the elongation of the geomembrane itself will be greatly reduced. The geomembrane itself has certain extensibility, which can avoid some adverse conditions in the use process.

2. There is also a very common problem in the construction process of geomembrane, that is, it is easy to puncture the geomembrane.

During the laying process, the geomembrane and the base surface are tightly connected, and there should be no bubbles under the membrane. Large area laying cannot be completed at one time. In order to avoid puncturing the geomembrane, first of all, it is necessary to ensure the flatness and collection of the base surface, and the surface of the base surface shall be free of sharp debris such as stones and roots. In the case of a large area of laying, it is easy to be blown by the wind. It is recommended to carry out the next project (acceptance and backfilling) immediately after a section of laying is completed.hdpe geomembrane pond liner