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Construction Method of Plastic Drainage Plate

1. Before the construction of plastic drainage plate, the site should be checked, leveled and preliminarily rolled. Then do a good job of soil arch slope, laying a good sand cushion. Drainage ditches should be excavated according to the topography to facilitate drainage.

2. Sand cushion construction: Sand should have good permeability, mud content should not exceed 5%, no organic matter, no clay block, and other harmful materials. Compaction method chooses vibration method, water shaking method, and compaction method according to the condition of the foundation.

3.Set out on the compacted first sand cushion. When lofting, it is necessary to locate the lofting point accurately according to the design requirements. Make the point bitmap of the insert partition and mark each hole well. Point marking uses lime, oilcloth, thin plastic core as marking. It is advisable to be obvious and not to be damaged.

4. Positioning: The tape-inserting machine is in place, and the verticality of the guide frame is adjusted. Put the plastic drainage board into the hollow casing and align with the pole position.

5. Put on boots: Put the end of the plastic drainage plate through the prefabricated boot head fixture. The folding tape is about 10 cm long and fixed. Generally, prefabricated boots can be made of iron or concrete. The boot head is sleeved at the end of the hollow casing and the plastic drainage plate is fixed. It can prevent the mud and sand from entering the casing during the sinking process.