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Construction of composite drainage network

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Composite drainage network, also known as three-dimensional geotechnical drainage plate, tunnel drainage plate. It is composed of three-dimensional plastic mesh double-sided bonding seepage geotextiles. And it can replace the traditional sand and gravel layers.

Moreover, it has the characteristics of strong drainage, high tensile strength and convenient construction. A composite drainage network can replace one meter thick gravel for drainage. Therefore it is mainly used in railway, highway, tunnel, municipal engineering, reservoir, slope protection and other drainage projects. And the effect is remarkable.

So today we will talk about the usage and construction of composite drainage network.

Construction of composite drainage network

1. First of all, clean up the site for preparation for construction . And there should be no floating soil, stones, concrete bumps or other sharp objects.

2.Then lay the omposite drainage sheets flat on the site according to the design requirements. When the length of drainage site exceeds the length of seepage drainage sheet, it needs to be connected.

The connection mode adopts nylon buckle connection. And the distance between nylon buckles is 8-10 cm. Width direction does not require connection.

" That's all for today. And tomorrow we will continue to talk about the construction of composite drainage network. "

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