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Construction of drainage boards

Today, we will continue to talk about the construction methods of drainage boards.

6. Insert drainage board.  According to the design requirements, insert drainage board into the silt underlying layer of 50 cm. In order to ensure the construction quality, the pipe can be pulled out if there is a returning phenomenon.

7. After pulling out the pipe, cut the drainage plate manually. And the length of the plate head on the sand cushion should be more than 0.2 meters.

8. After the construction of inserting sheet pile, lay the upper sand cushion. When the sand cushion is completed, the supervising engineer should measure the top elevation of it.

9.Construction of waterproof geotextiles. After the sand cushion has passed the inspection, it is necessary to lay waterproof geotextiles. Geotextile should be close to the top of the sand cushion. It is carried out horizontally perpendicular to the middle line of the embankment.

The geotextiles should not be wrinkled. First, the two ends of geotextile fold back 2 m as anchorage section. Next, connect the geotextiles firmly. And the bond overlap length shall not be less than 15 cm.

10. Complete and check the construction of waterproof geotextiles. Then lay the Subgrade Earthwork. In earthwork construction, prevent all kinds of machinery from scratching geotextiles.