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Construction of Roof Drainage Board

5. When laying drainage boards in any area, attention must be paid to the fact that refuse such as soil, cement, and yellow sand should not be allowed to enter the front space of drainage boards. To ensure that the space of the drainage board is unobstructed.

6. When the drainage board is laid, the protective measures should be taken as well as possible. Laying drainage boards in layers or outdoor garages should do a good job of backfilling as soon as possible. Prevent the wind from disturbing the drainage board and affecting the paving quality. At the same time, the basement and inner wall waterproofing should be well protected as soon as possible. Prevent the drainage board from being damaged by people or objects.

7. If the backfill is clayey soil. It is ideal to lay 3-5 cm yellow sand on geotextiles. This is conducive to the filtration of geotextiles. If the backfill is a nutritive soil or light soil, there is no need to lay a layer of yellow sand. The soil itself is very loose and easy to drain.

8. When the drainage board is laid, the next 1-2 fulcrums are laid on the side and right. Two boards can also collide. The top is lapped with geotextiles. As long as there is no soil entering the drainage channel of the drainage board, the drainage can be maintained smoothly.