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Construction precautions of geotextiles laid in summer rainy season!

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The rainy season is coming. This makes a lot of engineering construction will be hindered. However, many customers and friends hope that the construction of geotextiles will not be subject to seasonal constraints. About the laying of Geotextiles in rainy season, we will give you a brief introduction and summary.

1.First of all, in the rainy season construction, we should try to avoid pouring concrete in rainy days. If the concrete must be poured because of rush schedule, the water cement ratio can be reduced appropriately when it rains slightly. A temporary rain shed is set up on the warehouse surface to prevent rainwater from entering the concrete warehouse. If the surface mortar or concrete has not yet initially set after rain, the construction can be continued after adding cement mortar. Otherwise, it should be handled according to the requirement of working seam. Cease Concreting in heavy rain.

2.When laying geotextiles in rainy season, backfilling construction or other work must be done immediately on the basis of cleaning up. When laying geotextiles, the moisture content of sand and gravel materials should be measured regularly. Adjust the concrete mix proportion in time to ensure the effectiveness of concrete mixing.

3.During filling construction in rainy season, effective measures should be taken to drain the material yard. Minimize the waiting time after rain. During construction after rain, measures such as turning over, sun-drying and re-pressing should be taken to ensure better water content of filling materials.