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Construction Scheme of Roof Drainage Board

1. First of all, workers should clean up the rubbish in the paving site and leveling the cement layer. So that there is no obvious concave and convex place in the scene. Outdoor garage roof and roof garden need 0.2-0.5% slope.

2. Porous seepage pipes can be installed in roof greening and outdoor garage roof greening. In this way, the water discharged from the drainage plate can be concentrated into the nearby sewer or the nearby urban sewer.

3. In the basement ground seepage control project, the overhead floor above the foundation. That is to say, a layer of drainage board is made before the floor is made. The circular protuberance of the drainage plate is downward, and a blind ditch is left around it so that the groundwater cannot come up. In this way, the seepage naturally flows into the surrounding blind ditch through the space of the drainage plate. Then it flows into the catchment pit through the blind ditch.

4. When doing the seepage prevention work of the basement wall, lay the drainage board on the main wall of the building. The round protruding platform faces the main wall. And build a single wall or lay steel mesh outside the drainage board. To protect the drainage board. This allows the seepage from the outside of the wall to flow downward into the blind ditch to the catchment pit.