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Delivery of American Customer’s Goods

Today, the products purchased by American customer have been packed and shipped.

A dozen days ago, we received an inquiry from an American customer. He was interested in our Artificial Turf. And he wanted to know about this products. So we immediately replied to him and asked the requirements of the artificial turf.  We sent him the quotation after knowing his requirements. At first, he was not very satisfied with the price we offered for the first time. After several discussions, we finally settled the price.

Then, in subsequent conversations, we learned that he also needed some geomembrane. It is mainly used for waterproof layer laying under the turf. Therefore, we recommended the geomembrane and to him. And we sent him some videos of the HDPE geomembrane. He was satisfied with the products after seeing the videos. Because the roll size he need was special, it need to be customized. But the delivery period he required is a little tight. So he also bought the geomembrane welding machine from us. It was an unexpected surprise for us. And we are glad to provide all product that our customer need. It will save a lot of time for our customer.

Today, the product purchased by this American customer has been loaded. It is now being shipped to the port. We sent him the photos. He praised our efficiency and thanks to us.