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Engineering application of geocell

wholesale gravel driveway black hdpe grid geocellEngineering application of geocell

1. Handling half-filled and half-cut roadbeds

When the embankment is built on a slope with a natural slope of 1:5 on the ground, the base of the embankment should be dug step. When the width of the step is not less than 1M, when the road is widened or rebuilt, the joint of the new and old roadbed fill slope should be opened. Dig the steps, the width of the high-grade highway is generally 2M. The geocells are laid on the horizontal plane of each step, and the reinforcement effect of the geotechnical chamber's own facade is used to better solve the problem of uneven subsidence.

2. Wind and sand area roadbed

The roadbed in the wind-blown area should be dominated by low embankments, and the height of the fill should not be less than 0.3M. Due to the low roadbed and heavy load bearing requirements of the subgrade built in the wind and sand area, the geocell can play a role in limiting the loose packing. The limited height ensures that the subgrade has high rigidity and strength to withstand the load stress of large vehicles.

3, backing roadbed filling reinforcement

The use of geocells can better achieve the purpose of reinforcement of the back of the platform. The geogrid and the filler can generate sufficient friction to effectively reduce the uneven settlement between the subgrade and the structure, and finally effectively alleviate the "bridge abbreviation". The car "damaged the early impact damage to the bridge deck.

4. Subgrade in permafrost regions

In the permafrost area, the filling of the roadbed should be completed, and the minimum filling height should be reached to prevent the occurrence of tumbling or causing the upper limit of the frozen layer to fall, resulting in excessive settlement of the embankment. The unique façade reinforcement effect of the geocell and the overall implementation of the effective implementation can ensure the minimum fill height in certain special sections and the high quality strength and rigidity of the fill.

5, loess wet subgrade treatment

When the highway and the first-class highway pass the collapsible loess and the yellow land section with good compressibility, or the allowable bearing capacity of the foundation of the high embankment is lower than the pressure of the vehicle's cooperative load and the embankment's own weight, the subgrade should also be required according to the bearing capacity requirement. When it is processed, the superiority of the geocells will be revealed.

6, saline soil, expansive soil

The use of saline soil, expansive soil construction of highways, first-class highways, shoulders and slopes are reinforced. The reinforcement of the compartment is the most excellent of all reinforcement materials, and it has excellent corrosion resistance. Sexuality can fully meet the requirements of constructing higher roads in saline soil and expansive soil.