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Features of Drain Board

The plastic drainage board is made of polyethylene (HDPE) as the raw material. It is made into the convex points (or hollow cylindrical porous) of conical protrusions or stiffeners. These protrusions have the functions of supporting and water storage. Through continuous innovation and research, its raw materials have been greatly improved and changed. Now it has increased the proportion of PVC. Therefore, its compressive strength and overall flatness have been greatly improved. The width of the plastic drainage board is generally 1-3m, and the length is 4-10m or more.

No matter in drainage function or economic benefit, the plastic drainage board is better and more affordable than traditional methods such as pebble, ceramsite drainage, and other filter layers, as well as water storage function structure. From the technical and economic point of view, using a drainage board is a very economical, effective and feasible way of drainage.

Drain Board

1. Good water filtration, smooth drainage, and guaranteed drainage effect.

2. The material has good strength and ductility, which can adapt to the deformation capacity of the foundation without affecting the drainage performance.

3. The section size of the drainage board is small, and the foundation disturbance is small during the construction of the drainage board.

4. The construction of the inserting plate can be carried out on the super-soft foundation.

5. Mechanical burying, high efficiency, low transportation, simple management, fast construction and short construction period.