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Geocell planting grass slope protection

Geocell planting grass slope protection

Ecological protection is a new topic put forward in highway construction in recent years. Its significance in environmental protection and ensuring sustainable development is very far-reaching. It is the development direction of engineering protection in the future, and it is also the engineering community's active response to the national environmental protection call for vigorous construction. The urgent need for a green channel. The geotechnical grass planting slopes described below are just one form of this. In order to ensure the engineering quality of the geotechnical grassland slope protection, we must pay attention to the following points:

a) Geogrid grass slope protection is suitable for mudstones and limestones whose slope rate is not steeper than 1:0.75 and the height of each slope is not more than 10m. Rocky slopes such as sandstone and conglomerate.

b) Generally, construction should be carried out in the spring, and construction during the rainstorm season should be avoided as much as possible.

c) The processes should be closely connected to avoid damage caused by prolonged exposure of the formed slope and the erosion of the guest soil by rain.

d) Pay attention to the purchase of quality and reliable geocell products.

e) Pay attention to construction safety during construction.

f) According to the actual situation, a retaining structure such as a retaining wall can be set at the foot of the slope.