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Geocomposite Drainage System

Customized hot sale high quality geocomposite drainage system for suppliers is a combination of a plastic core wrapped with a filter cloth. The plastic core is made of thermoplastic synthetic resin as the main raw material. After modification, in the hot melt state, the fine plastic wire is extruded through the nozzle, and the extruded plastic wire is welded on the joint through the molding device. Forming a three-dimensional network structure.

The plastic core has various structural forms such as a rectangular shape, a hollow matrix, and a circular hollow shape. The material overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional blind ditch, has high surface open porosity, good water collection, large void ratio, good drainage, strong pressure resistance, good pressure resistance, good flexibility, adaptability to soil deformation and good durability.

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Product Details

High quality geocomposite drainage system application

1. Reinforced drainage of the road and railway subgrade shoulders;
2. Drainage of tunnels, subway underground passages, underground freight yards;
3. Soil and water conservation for hillside and slope development;
4. Vertical and horizontal drainage of various retaining walls;
5. Smooth drainage;
6. Dust drainage from coal-fired power plants. Landfill drainage;
7. Sports ground Golf course Baseball field Soccer field Park rests Green space drainage;
8. Drainage of roof gardens and flower beds;
9. Construction foundation drainage;
10. Agricultural and horticultural underground irrigation and drainage systems;
11. Drainage system with low humidity. Drainage of land preparation projects Plastic blind ditch materials are internationally known as hot sale geocomposite drainage system, also known as three-dimensional drainage plates, and drainage channels for civil engineering.
The three-dimensional porous material is obtained by heating and melting a thermoplastic synthetic resin, extruding the fiber filaments through a nozzle, and sintering the joints.

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Geocomposite drainage system performance

This product was jointly developed by the factory and the Bridge Survey and Design Institute of the Ministry of Railways.

This product is made of high-pressure polyethylene extrusion. It has different ribs and grooves on both sides to meet the needs of drainage, water stop and fixing. It has certain rigidity compared with other soft plastic sheets. It is beneficial to keep the drainage cavity. The proportion is small, the cost is relatively low, and it has the characteristics of cold resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-cracking and burying in the tunnel lining, which is not easy to aging and has a long service life.

High quality geocomposite drainage system characteristics

1. The composition of the plastic blind ditch is about 2mm, and the joints are welded and formed into a three-dimensional mesh body. The principle is the same as the truss principle of the steel structure. The surface opening is 95-97%, which is more than 5 times that of the perforated tube 3-4 times that of the resin mesh tube, and the surface water absorption rate is extremely high.
2. Because it is a three-dimensional structure, its void ratio is 80-95%. Space is the same as that of management and light, and the compression resistance is 10 times stronger than that of the tube structure. Therefore, even if it is pressed due to overload, it is three-dimensional. Structure, so the residual voids are also more than 50%, there is no problem of water leakage, no need to consider the pressure will be crushed by the earth pressure.
3. The compressive strength is large, and the compression ratio is less than 10% under the pressure of 250KPa.
4. With anti-aging agent, durable, under water, soil for several decades to ensure stability.
5. Anti-pressure and flexible, can also be applied to bends and other curved positions, very light, if the backfill depth is about 10cm, you can also use the bulldozer to backfill.
6. Due to the above characteristics, various problems arising in the traditional blind ditch, such as uneven settlement or partial occlusion due to overload, are caused by crushing and causing no interruption of function, which can be solved by plastic blind groove material.

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