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Geomembrane welding machine

Geomembrane welding machine

Geomembrane welding machine is one of many welding equipments. The main welding objects are: HDPE, PE-C, PP, LDPE. Grooved geomembrane, anti-seepage membrane; mechatronic design, small size, light weight, field scene The homework is very operative. Double weld lap welding, high temperature control precision, high welding strength, good sealing effect, weld seam leaking weld bead in the middle, automatic crawling can realize slope, vertical and inverted automatic welding.
Landfill seepage prevention, waste liquid draining tank, public works, building foundation geomembrane, tunnel waterproofing, mine waterproof lining, reservoir, irrigation ditches, dyke impermeable membrane, aquaculture pond, swimming pool lining, storage tank Anti-seepage, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank.
Welding Technology

1 weld bead lap width: 80~100mm; natural pleats of plane and vertical plane are: 5%~8%; reserved expansion and contraction: 3%~5%; residual amount of scrap: 2%~5%.

2 hot-melt welding working temperature 280 ~ 300 ° C; travel speed 2 ~ 3m / min; welding form is double weld.

3 Repairing the damaged part, cutting the same material, using the manual extrusion welding gun as the repair welding. Types of geomembrane welding machines: double weld welding machine, single weld welding machine, hot wedge welding machine.