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Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Customized China low price high quality geosynthetic clay liner in factory is a kind of geosynthetic material especially used for artificial lake waterscape, landfill, underground garage, roof garden, pool, oil depot, and chemical yard. It is made of high expansion.

The sodium bentonite is filled between the special composite geotextile and the non-woven fabric, and the bentonite anti-seepage pad made by the needle punching method can form many small fiber spaces, and the bentonite particles cannot flow in one direction, and the water is in the pad when it is in contact with water. A uniform high-density gel-like waterproof layer is formed to effectively prevent water leakage.

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Product Details

Hot sale geosynthetic clay liner is an impermeable liner between GCL (on-site thick compacted clay impervious liner) and polymeric material---a geomembrane. It is mainly used in waste landfill, underground water storage, underground infrastructure construction and other projects in environmental engineering to solve the problems of sealing, isolation and leakage prevention, with good effect and strong resistance to damage.

Bentonite waterproof blanket can be divided into acupuncture sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket, acupuncture-coated sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket, and adhesive-type sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket. The needle-sand-coated sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket is a composite of a high-density polyethylene geomembrane on the outer surface of a non-woven geotextile of a needle-punched sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket. Adhesive method sodium bentonite waterproof blanket is a kind of sodium bentonite produced by compressing bentonite particles onto high-density polyethylene board with adhesive.

low cost geosynthetic clay liner

High quality geosynthetic clay liner advantages

1. It was possible to order the exact length of liner required across the channel to be supplied on one roll. This eliminated the need to ‘cut and paste’ the liner.

2. The material is suitable for sites where no clay source was available.

High quality geosynthetic clay liner features

1. Improved leakage performance.
2. Permanent waterproof performance.
3. Simple construction and short time limit for a project.
4. Not influenced by air temperature.
5. A kind of green material and good to environmental protection.
6. More versatile than compacted clay.
7. Increased airspace and liner efficiency.

customized geosynthetic clay liner

Waterproof features

The sodium bentonite forms a high-density diaphragm under water pressure. When the thickness is about 3 mm, its water permeability is below ×10ˉ11m/sec, which is equivalent to 100 times the compactness of 30cm thick clay, and has strong self-water retention performance.

Permanent waterproof performance

Because sodium bentonite is a natural inorganic material, it does not age or corrodes even after a long period of time or changes in the surrounding environment, so the waterproof performance is durable.

Simple construction, short construction period

Compared with other waterproof materials, the construction is relatively simple and does not require heating and pasting. Simply connect and fix with bentonite powder and nails, gaskets, etc. No special inspection is required after construction, and it is easy to repair if it is found to be waterproof. The hot sale geosynthetic clay liner is the shortest construction period in existing waterproof materials.

Unaffected by temperature

It will not be brittle in cold weather conditions.


Integration of waterproof material and object: When sodium-based bentonite has water, it has 20-28 times expansion ability. Even if the concrete structure vibrates and settles, the bentonite in GCL can repair the crack on the concrete surface within 2mm.


Bentonite is a natural inorganic material that is harmless and non-toxic to the human body, has no special impact on the environment, and has good environmental performance.

customized geosynthetic clay liner

Geosynthetic clay liner construction requirements

1. The base layer should be inspected before GCL construction. The base layer should be compact and flat, without pits and water, without stone roots and other sharp objects.

2. GCL in the handling and construction process should try to avoid vibration and impact, to avoid the carpet has a large degree of curvature, preferably in one place.

3. After GCL installation and acceptance, it is necessary to carry out backfilling work as soon as possible. If it is used in conjunction with HDPE geomembrane, the geomembrane should be paved and welded in time to prevent it from getting wet or broken.

The waterproof mechanism is: thesodium-based particle bentonite selected for the bentonite waterproof blanket can expand more than 24 times in water so that it forms a uniform colloidal system with low viscosity and low fluid loss. Under the restriction of two layers of geotextile, the bentonite is made. From disorder to ordered expansion, the result of continuous water swelling is to make the bentonite layer itself dense and thus waterproof.

Geosynthetic clay liner application

Geosynthetic clay liner is the material of choice for primary or secondary containment in composite landfill cells and closures, mining leach pads, tailings impoundments and reclamations, and pools and lagoons.
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No Item Specifications
1 Appearance quality Surface smooth,thickness uniformity No

holes,broken edge,no residual Broken-Needle

2 Size deviation % Length -1 -1 -1
Width -1 -1 -1
3 Unit weight  g/m2 ≥4000 ≥4000 ≥4000
4 Run volume swelling bentonite

mixture of  mL/2g

≥24 ≥24 ≥24
5 Tensile Strength


Longitudinal ≥600 ≥700 ≥600
Transverse ≥500 ≥600
6 Maximum load

elongation  %

Longitudinal ≥10 ≥10 ≥8
Transverse ≥8 ≥8
7 CBR mullen bursting

strength  KN

≥1.5 ≥2.0 ≥1.0