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HDPE Green Roof Waterproofing Drainage Board

Hot sale high quality hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board in stocks with factory price is made of polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene (HDPE) as the raw material of the plastic bottom plate, which is stamped to form a conical projection or stiffener rib (or hollow cylindrical porous). The raw materials have been greatly upgraded and changed. Now it is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The compressive strength and overall flatness are greatly improved. The width is 1~3 meters and the length is 4~10 meters or more.

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Product Details

Hot sale hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board is through professional mechanical structure design, it has a convex platform wall thickness, and accompanied by reinforcement structure, high compressive strength, good drainage prevent not degrade. After through hot melt welding, the resistance of plant puncture, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, and it is for building a waterproof formation of flexible protection, making whole waterproof layer enclosed space inside in the long run, not easy aging. Greatly extending the waterproof layer of using a fixed number of year.

Pondage and drainage board has the special structure, which can quickly and effectively derive rain and greatly reduce or even eliminate the waterproof layer of hydrostatic pressure, also can achieve active waterproof effect through this initiative guide water principle.

Pondage and drainage plate material itself is a kind of very good waterproof materials. By using reliable down the slope of the overlapped method, it is to become a kind of very good auxiliary waterproof material. Pondage and drainage plate can effectively reduce the indoor noise. Drainage shielding panels have very good ventilation moisture proof effect to use on the ground or metope.


roof drainage board


Hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board procedure

1. Clean up the garbage at the paving site, level the cement, and make the site have no obvious bumps. The outdoor garage roof and roof garden need 2-5 slopes.

2. Use, so that the water discharged from the high quality hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board can be concentrated to the nearby sewer pipe or the nearby city sewer.

3. The ground floor of the basement is protected against seepage, and the floor is raised above the foundation, that is, a layer of drainage board is formed before the floor is made. The rounded platform is downward and there is a blind ditch around it so that the groundwater does not come, and the water seepage naturally passes. The space of the drainage board flows into the surrounding blind ditch and then flows into the sump through the blind ditch.

4. The underground indoor wall is impervious to water, and a drainage board can be laid on the main wall of the building, and the rounded platform faces the main wall. A layer of a single wall or a wire mesh cement is used to protect the drainage board from the outside of the drainage board so that the space of the seepage board outside the wall flows straight down into the blind ditch and directly into the sump.

5. When laying drainage boards in any area, you must pay attention to Do ​​not let dirt, cement, yellow sand, and other garbage enter the front space of the drainage board to ensure the space of the drainage board is smooth.

6. When the high quality hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board is laid, protect the protection as much as possible. If the drainage board is laid on the level or outdoor garage, backfilling work should be done as soon as possible to prevent the wind from blowing up the drainage board and affecting the laying quality. Waterproofing of the basement and interior walls should be done as soon as possible to prevent the drainage panels from being damaged by people or objects.

7. The backfill is cohesive soil. It is ideal to lay 3-5 cm of yellow sand on the geotextile, which is beneficial to the drainage of geotextiles. If the backfill is a nutrient or light soil, there is no need to lay a new one. A layer of yellow sand, the soil itself is very loose and easy to filter water.

8. When the low price hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board is laid, take the next 1-2 fulcrums on the side and the right side. You can also touch the two bottom plates. The top is covered with geotextile. As long as you keep the drainage channel without the dirt entering the drainage board, you can keep the drainage smooth.

composite drainage board

Hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board main features

1. Waterproofing and drainage: from a channel, which water and gas can go through.
2. Sound insulation and vibration isolation.
3. Chemical resistance, resist to plants' root.
4. Easy to construction.
5. Long life time.

Hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board construction specification

1. Please store the low price hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board in stocks in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent exposure and keep away from the fire.

2. Please lay or lay the drainage protection board vertically. Do not tilt or cross the horizontal pressure. The stacking height should not exceed 3 layers, and no heavy objects can be piled up.

3. When laying, it should be leveled naturally, laid down along the slope or according to the flow of water.

4. When the single geotextile is used, the lap joint is guaranteed to be 150cm. The lap joint is compacted with glue or sand to avoid moving and then backfilled. The first layer of backfill is guaranteed to be compacted before proceeding to the next step, and the layered backfill must be compacted.

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Item DK-08 DK -12 DK -16 DK -20 DK -25
Mass per square meter(g/m2) 700±500 900±500 1000±300 1100±900 1500±900
width(m) 2.0-3.0
high(mm) 8 12 16 20 25
compressive strength(≥KPa) 300 300 300 300 350
Tensile strength (n/50mm) 260 300 300 300 ---------
elongation (≥%) 25
congitudinal flow capacity(cm2/s) 5 5.9 6.2 11 24
Puncture strength(N) 300 -----------
remark Further discussion will be needed about products with specification