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Greening Design of Garage Roof

With the development of social economy, garage roof greening has become fashionable.

This is because:

Therefore, the garage roof greening has become an inevitable trend. So, how to do garage roof greening work?

The general greening design is as follows:

1. Waterproof Layer of Garage Roof

Coil or waterproof material is acceptable. And at least two waterproofing routes. This is a very important step. It directly determines the use effect of the garage in the future.

2. Cement Mortar Protection Layer

Generally, it is also used as a leveling layer. In order to reduce the load of the structure, we should try our best to leveling according to the layout of rainwater pipelines. To reduce the thickness of the leveling layer.

3. Drainage Layer

At present, the drainage plate is mostly used as a drainage layer. It saves time, labor and investment by replacing cobblestone filter with drainage plate. At the same time, it can also reduce the load of buildings. Moreover, dimples have the function of water storage, which can keep the soil moist.