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Greening of Garage Roof

4. Isolation filter layer

In order to prevent the soil from being drained by water. There needs a measure.

Place an isolation layer under the planting soil. It can not only permeate water, but also prevent soil erosion and block drainage holes. Polyester non-woven fabric (120g/m2) is generally used as the filter layer.

5. Anti-Root Puncture Layer

Plant roots have strong puncture ability. In particular, the longer the roots age, the deeper the roots, and secrete a strong corrosive juice. This makes many waterproof materials unbearable. At present, there are three kinds of defense water materials that can be selected:

6. protection layer

Use 5 cm thick coarse sand.

7. Planting Soil

In order to ensure the survival of seedlings, there must be a minimum requirement for soil thickness. The soil is too thin to store water. In addition, considering the function of heat insulation and heat preservation, the soil layer should not be too thin. Generally, the roof of garage is covered with 80 cm soil. And the local slope reaches 100 cm.

When backfilling earth, need to considered the settlement range of soil. Combining with the trend of drainage, model the micro-slope. And strengthen the landscape effect and drainage function.