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Hdpe Corrugated Pipe

China low-cost high quality hdpe double-wall corrugated drain pipe in stock for manufacturers, referred to as PE corrugated pipe, was first developed in Germany in the early 1980s. After more than ten years of development and improvement, it has evolved from a single variety to a complete product line. It is very mature in the production process and uses technology. Due to its excellent performance and relatively economical cost, it has been greatly promoted and applied in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

Double-wall corrugated pipe is a new type of lightweight pipe made of high-density polyethylene. It has the characteristics of lightweight, high-pressure resistance, good toughness, fast construction, and long service life. Its excellent wall structure design and other structures compared with pipes, the cost is greatly reduced. And because the connection is convenient and reliable, it is widely used at home and abroad. A large number of alternative concrete pipes and cast iron pipes.


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Hdpe corrugated pipe performance characteristics

1. The high quality hdpe corrugated pipe structure is unique and the pressure resistance is strong;
2. The inner wall is smooth and the flow rate is large;
3. The product is convenient to connect, the interface is well sealed, corrosion-resistant, zero leakage, no scaling, avoid secondary pollution, and is the ideal "green pipe";
4. The product has good flexural properties and can adapt to the uneven settlement of soil;
5. Long service life, buried for more than 50 years;
6. The high quality hdpe corrugated pipe is light in weight and convenient in construction, which can reduce construction cost and shorten construction period;
7. At 15 ft. / sec, the wear resistance is 3 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary or fine-grained steel tubes.

High quality hdpe corrugated pipe features

1. Excellent physical performance, fine flexibility and twist resistance.
2. Outstanding abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, long usage life of 50 years.
3. Light and soft.
4. Large flow capacity, low construction cost.
5. Easy to assemble, strong connecting.
6. Excellent tightness.
7. Easy maintenance.
8. Good stress crack resistance.
9. Good impact resistance.
10. high abrasion resistance.
11. Many kinds of construction methods.

hdpe perforated double-wall corrugated drain pipe


Hdpe corrugated pipe mode of transport

Hot sale hdpe corrugated pipes can be transported in a variety of vehicles.

During transportation, loading, and unloading, no throwing, impact, heavy pressure, long-term exposure or close to heat sources are allowed. Do not mix with toxic and hazardous substances. The disk-shaped porous tube cannot be transported flat.

The technology of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is gradually matured in continuous use. Its hot-melt connection includes the following three methods:

1. Electric fusion connection
Electro fusion joints are generally used in spaces where they are constrained by the installation site and cannot be thermally coupled. When the same thermoplastic pipe is connected, a special electro fusion pipe fitting is inserted, and the electro fusion fitting device is energized to the electro fusion pipe member, and the required heat is generated by the pre-embedded electric resistance wire inside the electro fusion pipe member, and the pipe and the electro fusion pipe member are cooled after cooling. Even become a whole. The characteristics of electro fusion connection are a convenient connection, rapid speed, good joint quality and small disturbance of external factors.

2. Socket type hot melt connection
In order to improve the application pressure of socket connection, it is also possible to add casing at the socket part. The socket type hot melt connection is to insert the pipe insertion end and the socket end from the heating and soften, and then agilely penetrate and cool down. Compare strong connections.

3. Direct hot melt connection
Heat the joints of the pipe fittings and directly heat-bond them.

low cost hdpe corrugated pipe in stock

High quality hdpe corrugated pipe installation notes

1. Hot sale hdpe corrugated pipe installation must be by qualified personnel.

2. When handling materials, throwing, dropping, rolling and dragging are strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the pipe. In connecting pipes, check both ends. If there is any damage, cut off the damaged part.

3. The hot-melt connection of pipes and fittings. The welding temperature should be set at 260±10. If there are any discoloration, burning, smoke or other adverse effects, please replace the welder.

4. Although the threaded pipe fittings are connected to other parts, do not over tighten them to avoid damaging the threaded pipe fittings.

5. Please strictly follow the arrangement and business standards of hdpe perforated double-wall corrugated drain pipe to ensure the quality.

6. After installation, a hydraulic test must be performed to determine that there is no leakage, and then the pipe passage can be closed or filled. The test pressure should be 1.5 times the design pressure. The recommended test pressure is 10 kg/cm2 (MPa) -15 kg. /cm2 (pressure 1.5MPa).

7. Although the transitional connection with water heater, metal pipe or hose connection pipe is desirable, its length should be no less than 300mm.

8. Outdoor piping shall be considered as having insulation, sun protection, and antifreeze measures.

9. In winter, when the temperature is close to 5, accidental damage to pipes and fittings can prevent water discharge during handling and construction. After the pressure test is completed. For long-term shutdown during winter, the water in the pipeline is not reliable. Insulation measures to prevent pipe cracks.

10. At the same time carry out waterproof engineering, do not apply paint, asphalt and other contaminated materials on the surface of the pipe, in order to avoid odor water.

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