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How About The Compressive Capacity of Plastic Grass Planting Grid

Grass planting grid is a similar product for grass planting. It is usually used in greening engineering and so on. The plant grass lattice is a high polymer plastic product composed of HDPE. It's usually green. You can also customize grey or black on-demand. Moreover, Its material is also divided into recycled materials and 100% new materials.

Plastic grass planting grid can adopt a unique and stable flat plug-in lap so that the entire pavement into a flat whole. This effectively avoids local depression. Moreover, the construction is extremely convenient.

grass planting grid

Plastic grass planting grid consists of about 40 hexagonal cells. The bottom of each hexagonal cell will have a fixed connection section. Therefore, it has satisfactory compression resistance.

Modern ecological grass grid is widely used in parking lot and fire fighting passage. Because it can bear the weight of vehicles and fire engines. So it is very important whether the load-bearing capacity is qualified or not. Experiments show that the grass planting grid can withstand the weight of 30 tons of fire trucks and 15 tons of trucks. (9.6 meters of trucks 12 tons + 3 tons of goods)

In addition, the superior performance of plastic grass planting lattice is that plastic grass planting lattice can provide large growth space. It can provide 95% of the plant growth area and ensure the robust growth of plant roots.