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How much do you know about geogrids? (2)

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How much do you know about geogrids? (2)

The grille is a very popular geotechnical material, which is widely used in road engineering, municipal engineering, geotechnical engineering and so on. There are many kinds of grilles. Do you know their advantages, uses and construction methods? Here, we will introduce you one by one.Classification of Geogrids.

Classification of grids

Mine geogrid  is a kind of plastic protective net for underground coal mine. It takes polypropylene as the main raw material. It is a "double resistance" plastic net formed by biaxial stretching after flame retardant and antistatic treatment. The product is easy to construct, low cost and safe.


The product is mainly used for supporting in underground mining, and can be used as supporting materials for bolt roadway, supporting roadway, bolt and shotcrete roadway and other roadways. When used for false roof, double or more layers are used together.

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