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How to Distinguish Geocell from Grass Grid?

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How to Distinguish Geocell from Grass Grid?

Geocell is a kind of reinforced HDPE sheet material. It is welded with high strength to form a three-dimensional mesh cell structure. When a single geocell is deployed, it is a rhombic structure. However, people habitually refer to the geocell when they are unfolded as a honeycomb structure. But it's not really a honeycomb structure, it's a diamond structure.

Geotechnical cell has good flexibility. When transported, it can be folded up. During construction, it can be stretched into a network and filled with loose materials such as soil, gravel, concrete, etc. to form a structure with strong lateral constraints and large stiffness.

The main function of geocell is to fix gravel, effectively enhance the bearing capacity and disperse load of subgrade .

The grass planting grid is a cell structure for planting grass made of PE material. Each cell is a honeycomb structure in its true sense. The planting grid is a block structure. There are lap joints on each grass grid. They can be overlapped to form a space for grass planting.

The grass  grid has excellent characteristics of pressure resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance. It adopts a unique flat-inserting lap, which saves labor, is fast, and can adjust expansion joints at will. And It perfectly realizes the integration of lawn and parking lot.