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How to Distinguish Geonet, Geomat and 3D Geomat?

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How to Distinguish Geonet, Geomat and 3D Geomat?

Geonet (picture 1)is a kind of planar network structure made of high density polyethylene. And its materials are supplemented with anti-ultraviolet additives.

Its main function is reinforcement and protection.

Geonet  is mainly used in soft foundation treatment, roadbed reinforcement, slope protection, bridge abutment reinforcement, coastal slope protection, reservoir bottom reinforcement and other projects.

Geomat is a new type of geosynthetical material, which is made of fused random silk. It has high pressure resistance, high opening density and omni-directional water catchment and horizontal drainage functions.

Geotextiles can be attached on both sides to form a three-dimensional drainage and filtration structure.

Plastic three-dimensional geomat is a three-dimensional structure for soil and water conservation. Its bottom surface is one or more layers of planar network.Its surface is one or more layers of extrusion net. The net surface is welded to form a multi-layer net structure with concave and convex bubbles. This structure leaves more than 90% of the space for filling soil and gravel.

The bottom biaxial tension net has the characteristics of low elongation and high strength, which can prevent soil from sliding.

The three-dimensional geomat is mainly used to prevent the erosion of slopes and grasses, which is conducive to lawn growth.