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How to Fix Three-Dimensional Geomat to Reduce Construction Difficulty

Three-dimensional geonet cushion is a new geosynthetics material with a three-dimensional structure suitable for soil and water conservation. It can effectively prevent soil erosion, increase green area and improve the ecological environment.

However, in construction, if the three-dimensional geotechnical mat is not firmly fixed, it will lead to greater difficulty. Next, we will talk about how to fix the three-dimensional geotextile mat:

Firstly, use the bamboo pole or wooden stick to pass through the whole web pad and pull out the web pad during construction. Bamboo nails, wooden nails or plastic nails are used around the mat. The distance between nails is 30cm, and there are 10 nails per square meter. Nails are generally 15 cm long (from the ground). The length of nails should be lengthened on the loose surface. When laying on high slopes, the length of nails used on uphill slopes should be longer than that used on downhill slopes. The shape of the nail, the width of the top of the nail should be two times larger than the diameter of the mesh pad hole, so as to play a vertical suppression role at the same time.

Secondly, the geomat should be kept flat at the abrupt change of terrain or the complex terrain. And increase the density of nails. Pay attention to lapping. The lap length is generally 2cm. The nails should be inserted in the lap. And the nail density should be doubled. The upper mesh cushion at the lap should be tightly spaced.