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How to Lay Bentonite Waterproof Blanket to Maximize Waterproof Function Ⅰ

Bentonite waterproof blanket is a kind of impervious and heat preservation material. And its waterproof and water-proof performance is very important. More and more manufacturers begin to pay attention to the waterproofing effect of bentonite waterproof blanket products.

Bentonite waterproof blanket is a new type of geotechnical material which is composed of woven fabric, geomembrane, and bentonite. And bentonite waterproof blanket has high peeling strength, low elongation, uniform longitudinal, and transverse deformation, high tear strength, excellent wear resistance, and water resistance.


It is a geosynthetic material with very low permeability. But in order to make the waterproof blanket play its due anti-seepage role, in addition to requiring the waterproof blanket itself to be impermeable, attention should also be paid to the construction method of laying bentonite waterproof blanket.

1. Usually, in corners and abnormal areas, the length of seams should be shortened as far as possible. Except for special requirements, no welds shall be installed as far as possible in the range of 1.5 meters from the top slope or stress concentration area on slopes with a gradient greater than 1:6.

2. The contact surface between bentonite waterproof blanket and supporting material should be smooth so as not to lose its anti-seepage effect by stabbing the slope. Otherwise, a fine-grained cushion should be installed to protect the waterproof blanket from damage.

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