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How to Use Geomembrane Welding Machine?

At present, geomembrane has been widely used in landfill anti-seepage, wastewater drainage tank, construction infrastructure, tunnel waterproof, mine waterproof lining, dam anti-seepage membrane, aquaculture pond, oil tank anti-seepage, chemical reaction pond, sedimentation pond and so on.  With the wide use of geomembrane, the geomembrane welding machine has gradually come into everyone's vision. So, how to better use the geomembrane welding machine?

pool liner

Control Measures of Welding Inspection

1. Surface inspection of products: When high quality textured hdpe geomembrane is deployed, it is necessary to inspect the defect with eyes and mark out the defect or suspicious area for repairing.

2. The detection of the weld is divided into visual inspection and leak detection test (non-destructive)<br>visual inspection of weld: mainly for the appearance quality of the weld, the treatment of T-type and cross-type weld, and the presence or absence of debris in the base.

3. Non-destructive testing: inflatable (double weld)

4. Double weld gas filling detection: seal a certain pressure gas in the air chamber, and judge its airtightness by the change of pressure gauge.

The construction method of high density polyethylene geomembrane

1. Flatness: +2cm/m2, smooth and straight.

2. Compaction degree: 95%, after rolling, geomembrane can be laid on it.

3. Longitudinal and transverse gradients: Longitudinal and transverse gradients should be more than 2%. The boundary and structure of the corridor at the bottom of the landfill site must be conducive to leachate diversion.

4. Cleanliness: No roots or debris should be found within 2.50 cm of vertical depth.