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How much do you know about geogrids? (1)

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How much do you know about geogrids? (1)

The grille is a very popular geotechnical material, which is widely used in road engineering, municipal engineering, geotechnical engineering and so on. There are many kinds of grilles. Do you know their advantages, uses and construction methods? Here, we will introduce you one by one.Classification of Geogrids.

Classification of grids

Plastic geogrids are square or rectangular polymer meshes formed by stretching. According to the different stretching directions during production, they can be divided into two kinds: uniaxial geogrids and biaxial geogrids. It is punched on the extruded polymer sheet (polypropylene or high density polyethylene) and then directionally stretched under heating conditions. The uniaxial tension geogrids are made by stretching along the length of the sheet only. The biaxial tension grids are made by stretching the uniaxial tension grids in the direction perpendicular to their length.


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