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Laying Method of Blind Ditch

1.Plastic blind ditches are connected by nail-like hooks. The nail hook is made of ¢3 - ¢5 stainless steel wire.

2.The plastic blind ditch filter membrane has been sewn and wrapped on the blind ditch material at the time of supply. In addition, the joint can be wrapped with a strip filter membrane to prevent soil leakage.

3.Plastic blind ditches need to be pre-fixed on retaining walls or the outer walls of underground buildings. Cement nails and protective gaskets can be used to nail the wall. Whether plastic blind ditches need to be protected, such as coarse sand, melon seed fragments, gravel and so on, is decided by the designer according to the conditions of soil and so on.

Scope of application of plastic blind ditch:

1) Reinforcement and drainage of roadbed shoulders of highways and railways.

2) Drainage of tunnels, subway underground passages and Underground Freight yards.

3) Soil and water conservation in slope land and slope development.

4) Vertical and horizontal drainage along various retaining walls.

6) Drainage of landfill works.

7) Playground, Golf Course, Baseball Course, Football Court, Park, Rest, Green Space Drainage.

8) Drainage of roof gardens and flower beds.

9) Construction drainage of building foundation engineering.

10) Underground irrigation and drainage systems for agriculture and horticulture.

11) Drainage system in low-lying wet land.