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Laying Method of Geocell (1)

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Laying Method of Geocell (1)

1. Construction Plane: Slope smoothness is related to the success or failure of grass planting protection in geocell. When the slope is uneven, laying geocell is easy to cause stress concentration, cracking of lattice solder joint and striding of lattice chamber. Therefore, it is necessary to leveling the slope to the design requirements, and adopt artificial slope repair to remove pumice and dangerous stones on the slope.

2. The main drainage ditch system should be set up on the slope paved with geocells.  Keep a distance of 4 m between two adjacent ditches. And the drainage ditch is connected with the side ditch of the highway. This can make the pavement water flow into the drainage channel along the edge of the road into the edge of the road. This effectively avoids pavement water accumulation and scouring compartment slope protection.

4. The geocell should be laid from top to bottom in the direction of main force, so that the geocell sheet weight is perpendicular to the roadbed. Never lay horizontally.

5. Open the cell assembly fully and insert a hook-shaped riveting pile into each cell at the top. The length of riveting pile should be twice the height of the cell itself and 30 cm more.