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Laying Method of Geocell (2)

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Laying Method of Geocell (2)

6. When fixing riveting piles, both sides should be nailed along the edge of drainage ditch. It can be replaced by bamboo and wood piles, mainly playing the role of opening the geocell sheet.  In the middle and bottom of the geocell sheet, the bamboo and wood piles can also be used to stretch the geocell. At the top, riveting piles mainly play the role of suspension and riveting compartment. Better materials, such as steel poles, should be used. The steel poles must be perpendicular to the slope. Other parts mainly play the role of tensioning cgeocell during construction, and the materials used are relatively simple.

7. After the geocell is stretched and riveted, the geocell space is filled from top to bottom with high quality soil suitable for turf or grass seed planting. The filling volume should be 1.2 times of the geocell sheet height. And beat the soil to firm, timely planting of vegetation.

8. After the completion of construction, we should do a good job of re-inspection. The geocells with insufficient tension and tight riveting should be reworked in time until the turf and grass survive.

Note: In order to prevent the flow from scouring the geocell, it is better to build a waterproof ridge on the top of the slope. This can effectively prevent rainwater from pouring into the geocell  from the top of the slope and destroying the geocell.