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Mechanism of Geotechnical Network

The action mechanism of geonet:

The geotechnical network is a flexible material. It can bear large tensile stress. Lay it in the tensile deformation zone of the soil. The tensile stress of the soil is transmitted to the geonet. Which makes the reinforcement become a tensile member.

When the reinforced soil is subjected to load, the lateral deformation of the soil is restricted by the friction resistance between the geogrid and the soil. In addition, there is a high cohesion between the geonet and the soil, and it has the effect of intercalation with the soil. It shows better tensile properties.

The strength of reinforced soil is much higher than that of non-reinforced soil due to its high tensile strength. Therefore, the ability of subgrade soil to withstand shear stress is greatly improved. And to a certain extent, it improves the settlement condition on the cross-section of the normal embankment and makes the settlement on the cross section tend to be uniform. Therefore, it can reduce the differential settlement of the joint of new and old roadbed, and prevent the longitudinal and transverse cracks of the pavement at the joint of the new and old roadbed.

Above is the mechanism of a geotechnical network. Hope it is useful for you.