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New Product ! E Lock for Geomembrane.

New Product ! E Lock for Geomembrane.

Today, we are launching a new product——E Lock. 

It is an accessory used for welding geomembrane. Because of its shape, it is called E lock. As the name implies, it is a accessory that plays a role of fixing. So, how to use it?

Use of E Look

When laying geomembrane, it needs to be fixed. This is to make the geomembrane better fit the working face. Prevent the wrinkle of geomembrane and affect the laying of other layers. At this point, E lock came in handy.

Place E Lock horizontally in concrete ,and keep its opening is upward. Then continue to pour concrete. Let the edge of E look and the level of working face. But pay attention to the plastic edge, do not seal with concrete.

After fixing the lock, lay geomembrane on the working surface. It is necessary to ensure that the geomembrane is laid smoothly and fully fitted with the working face. Finally, the geomembrane is welded to the plastic edge on ELock. This completes the welding and fixing of geomembrane. It effectively prevents the wrinkling and displacement of geomembrane.

The laying distance of E Lock should be determined according to the actual construction requirements. In a word, E look makes the welding of geomembrane simple and convenient.

The Basic Information of E Lock

Width: 100mm    Height: 30mm     Length: 3m

Width: 150mm    Height: 30mm     Length: 3m