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Plastic Drainage Board

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Plastic Drainage Board

Brief Introduction

Plastic drainage board are made of polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene (HDPE) as raw materials. In the production process, the plastic sheet is stamped to form a hollow platform. In this way, a drainage board is made.

The cylindrical shell on the drainage board has three-dimensional space and certain support height. The top of the shell can be covered with geotextile as a filter layer, which can be used for seepage, drainage and water storage. This compound is also called drainage protection board and filter board.

Main Feature

The drainage board has a concave-convex hollow vertical reinforcement structure. It can drain rainwater quickly and effectively. This greatly reduces the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer. Using this principle of active drainage can achieve the effect of active waterproofing.

Drainage panels can effectively protect structures and waterproof layers. And it resists all kinds of acids and alkalis in the soil and the root thorns of plants. When backfilling the basement outdoor wall, it can protect the building and waterproof layer from damage.

Main Application