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Plastic Grass Gravel Grid Pavers

Hot sale low cost plastic grass gravel grid pavers in stocks with free sample for manufacturers adopts modified high molecular weight HDPE as raw material, which is green and environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. It perfectly realizes the lawn and parking lot in one, and the grass is resistant to pressure, abrasion, impact, anti-aging and corrosion, and improves the quality. Save investment; unique flat plug-in lap, labor saving, fast, adjustable expansion joints.

Tai’an Ding Kun Trade Co., Ltd. provides grass paver grid free sample. Welcome to consult plastic grass gravel grid pavers quotation.

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Product Details

Hot sale plastic grass gravel grid pavers feature introduction

1. Complete greening: The grass provides more than 95% of the grass planting area, complete greening effect, can absorb sound and vacuum, and obviously improve the quality and taste of the environment. (Reference: only 30% of the concrete grass bricks)

2. Saving investment: hot sale plastic grass gravel grid pavers to make parking and greening functions into one, in the city of inch-inch gold, can save developers valuable investment.

3. Leveling and complete: The unique and stable flat-inserted lap joints make the whole laying surface form a flat whole, avoiding local depression and extremely convenient construction. (Reference: Each concrete brick is independent, the concrete cushion foundation must be poured to keep it flat).

4. High strength, long life: plant grass grid using patented special materials, pressure resistance up to 200 tons / square meter, greater than the standard requirements of the fire ascending surface 32 tons / square meter.

5. Performance stability, UV resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-wear pressure, weather resistance -40°C -90°C. (Reference: Concrete grass bricks are easily cracked and damaged during temperature changes and frost).

6. Excellent drainage: The gravel load-bearing layer provides a good water-to-water function and facilitates the discharge of excess precipitation.

7. Protecting the lawn: The gravel bearing layer provides a certain water storage function, which is beneficial to the growth of the lawn, and the grass roots can grow to the gravel layer. (Reference: There is only a small space for concrete grass bricks, and the temperature is up to 50 degrees in summer sunlight).

8. Green and environmental protection: hot sale plastic grass gravel grid pavers is safe and stable, can be recycled and recycled, absolutely no pollution, comprehensive care of the lawn.

9. Light and easy to plant grass grass 5 kilograms per square meter, extremely lightweight, quick installation, saving labor and shortening the construction period.

Plastic grass gravel grid pavers features

1. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting, impact resistant, anti-aging, UV resistant.
2. Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, flame retardant, strong grass planting.
3. Reduce ground reflection and reduce ground heat radiation.
4. Reduce ground acoustic wave transmission and reduce noise pollution.
5. Reduce dust, clean air.
6. The rainwater naturally leaks, the soil quality is not lost, and there is no water accumulation.
7. Water, air and fertilizer naturally circulate, the soil layer is not knotted.
8. Increase the green area, simple construction and light weight.
9. Can be freely combined and disassembled, can be reused.
10. Good weight bearing effect: can withstand 200T / m2 or more weight.

plastic grass gravel grid pavers quotation

Hot sale plastic grass gravel grid pavers basic processing

1. The foundation soil should be layered and compacted, and the compactness should reach more than 85%. It belongs to the soft plastic-flow plastic sludge layer. It is recommended to fill the stone and compact it to compaction.

2. Set 150 thick sandstone cushion. The specific method is as follows: medium coarse sand 10%, 20-40 particle crushed stone 60%, cohesive soil 30% mixed and mixed well, flattened and compacted to compact.

3. Set a thick 60 stable layer (also used as a planting layer). The stabilizing layer is as follows: 25% gravel with a particle size of 10-30, 15% medium-thick river sand, 60% cultivated soil and mixed with an appropriate amount of organic fertilizer, and the three are evenly mixed and spread on the sandstone cushion. Compacted and compacted, it can be used as the base layer of the grass.

4. Sprinkle a little organic fertilizer on the grassroots and artificially spread the grass. The size of the grass grid is designed according to the size of the parking space. Generally, it is not cut when paving. When the parking space has special shape requirements or there is a sewage manhole cover on the parking space, the grass can be cut to suit the parking space. Shape requirements.

5. Sprinkle the planting soil in the concave trough of the planting grid and sweep it evenly into the hole of the planting grass with the broom. The height of the soil layer is based on the plane of the grassing grid 5-10mm.

6. Spread turf or sowing grass on the planting soil. When turf is laid, the turf needs to be compacted on the planting soil. Watering and curing can be stopped after the grass has survived.

Grassland treatment for fire lanes

1. Lay the grass on the fire lane, the compactness of the foundation soil should meet the design requirements of the general concrete fire lane.

2. The gravel cushion and stone powder stabilization layer of the fire lane are also the same as the design requirements for ordinary concrete fire lanes.

3. Make 80 thick soil layers on the stony stabilized layer. The soil layer is as follows: 30% gravel with a particle size of 10-30, 15% medium-thick river sand, 55% cultivated soil and mixed with appropriate organic fertilizer. The three are evenly mixed and paved in the compacted stone powder. On the stable layer, compacted and compacted, it can be used as the base layer of the grass.

4. Pave the grass and plant grass on the base of the grass.

5. It is worth noting that if the fire lane is the main passage of the usual vehicle, because the vehicle travels frequently and the speed is fast, this is unfavorable for the use of the grass and the normal growth of the turf, but affects the greening rate and beauty. In this case, we recommend that the main vehicle traffic roads still use concrete pavement. It is only in the case of fire emergency that the road where the fire-fighting vehicle enters is paved with grass. By the same token, the pavement of the parking lot is recommended to use concrete pavement, while the parking space is covered with green grass.

plastic grass lawn grid

About our services

1.We can provide free factory similar sample and delivery charge at your side.

2.We can make sample with your design proposal at your cost.we can provide matched die-cutting document for your designing use in advance.

The sample can be ready right after we have discussed the processing details and confirm.

3.The sample can be ready right after we have discussed the processing details and confirm your payment for it in 4-7 work days.it may be extension for some special or complicate ones.

In addition, Tai 'an DingKun New Material Co. Ltd. is one of plastic grass gravel grid pavers manufacturers, provides low cost plastic grass gravel grid pavers in stocks and grass paver grid free sample. Welcome to consult plastic grass gravel grid pavers quotation.

Product Name Plastic Grass Paver grid
Model GP-38 GP-48 GP-68
Pressure Strength 160ton/sqm-250ton/sqm
Material HDPE ( high-density polyethylene )
Product Type Virign material and Recycled Material
Durability Durability of at least 4 years in neutral ground of 4 < pH < 9
Working Temperature Apply in temperature of -10℃ to 50℃
Anti HCL 30%x24h, no visible change
Thermal Aging 70ICx24h, no visible change
Anti UV UPE>30 T(UVA)AV<5%, qualified
Size can be customized according to customer's requirement
The quantity of container loading for planting grass
500*500*38 385*410*48 500*500*48 500*500*68
20GP 700M² 630M² 520M² 400M²
40GP 1480M² 1280M² 1400M² 850M²