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PP Woven Geotextile Geotube

high quality filtering sludge geotube

PP Woven Geotextile Geotube

Geotube is a pipe-bag combination made of high-strength geotextiles. It is a kind of dredging product.It was originally used in embankment engineering. But through the efforts of the vast number of technicians, its application scope is more and more extensive. It can now be used in many fields such as environmental protection, agriculture and so on.

Geotubes are generally made of high toughness polypropylene. And it's generally black. Product size can be customized according to engineering requirements.  In theory, its length and width are unlimited. But the length and width will be directly affected by the strength of the material. Generally speaking, the wider the range, the higher the material strength required. The filling height is directly determined as two-thirds of the diameter of the geotube.

Geotube is mainly used in sludge cleaning works. Compared with traditional sludge cleaning methods, it has many advantages.