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Principle of Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

Principle of Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

Bentonite waterproof blanket is a kind of environmental and ecological composite anti-seepage coil made of a layer of sodium-based or calcium-based bentonite particles covered with geotextile by needling or stitching.

Mainly used in civil engineering, water conservancy projects, environmental protection projects such as channel, reservoir, dam seepage prevention design, landfill foundation, surrounding, cap sealing design, artificial rivers, lakes leakage prevention design and so on. It is mainly used to solve the problems of sealing, isolation and leakage prevention. It has a good effect and strong destructive resistance.

But do you know the principle of bentonite waterproof blanket?


The mineralogical name of bentonite is montmorillonite. Natural bentonite can be divided into sodium-based and calcium-based according to its chemical composition. Bentonite has the characteristics of swelling when it encounters water.

Generally, when calcium-based bentonite expands, its expansion is only about three times its own volume. When sodium bentonite expands, it is about 15 times its own volume and can absorb water 6 times its own weight.

The high-density colloid formed by the expanded bentonite has the property of repelling water. Using this property, people use sodium bentonite as waterproof material.

Tomorrow we will introduce the construction method of bentonite waterproof blanket.