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Slope Protection Function of Geocell

1. The geotechnical cell can reduce water energy and erosion damage degree of water on the slope surface.

Rainfall will form runoff on the slope, which will directly damage the slope. And the duration of precipitation is proportional to the degree of damage.

Geocell will change the runoff direction of water flow and make it flow along the edge of geocell. This reduces the runoff and velocity of water flow on the slope.

In addition, the geocell is fixed on the slope. It greatly increases the cohesion of the soil on the slope. And this makes the anti-scouring ability of the soil in the geocell greatly strengthened.

2. Geotechnical cells can help plant roots consolidate soil and increase soil permeability.

The roots of vegetation can reinforce the soil in all directions. The combination of vegetation and soil is naturally stable. However, the survival rate of plants is low in areas with poor natural conditions, so the soil consolidation effect is poor.

Geocell can effectively improve this situation. The compartment can be filled with planting soil. And planting grass and shrubs on the soil. In the case that the original slope can not restore vegetation. Moreover, it can also achieve an ideal greening effect, which has immeasurable environmental protection value.