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Solving The Softening of Foundation Bed With Geocell

Subgrade softening is a common and harmful problem on the operation line. This problem often occurs in the bad soil area of the foundation because of the dynamic load of the train and the effect of water. This leads to the loss of the bearing capacity of the foundation bed and the deformation of the foundation bed. It will also cause mud boiling, shoulder swelling, extrusion, and slope sliding. Serious will affect the smooth line, and even lead to traffic accidents.

Previous treatment measures for softened beds can be summarized into three categories:

Due to the limitations of geology (soil), hydrology, temperature environment, track structure, and transportation conditions, these remediation measures have certain limitations and conditions.

In contrast, geocell shows its own advantages

Geocell has high tensile strength and aging resistance. When it is combined with sand, it can form an elastic bearing structure layer with high bearing capacity and good integrity. In addition, construction is convenient and economical. It is an ideal method to treat soft foundation bed.