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Thai Customers Ordered Grass Grid

grass grid

Today, a Thai customer made an inquiry to us. He wanted to order a batch of grass grid.  We sent him the details of the product. And We introduced him to the product classification, parameters, standards and methods of use. He felt very satisfied. So we provided him with the price list of the grass grid. He said he would think about it before making a decision.

In the afternoon, he suddenly told us that he hoped to buy the grass grid today. In the case, we drew up the order for him as soon as possible.  Similarly, he paid quickly. Because he has another shipment at another port. So we kept in touch with his forwarder. Prepare delivery on the date he requested.

When customers ask us for a price, we will provide them with detailed product introduction. According to the customer's requirements, we will provide him with appropriate products and reasonable prices. And we will provide our customers with thoughtful after-sales service.

If you want to know about any product, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to provide you with the best answer and the most appropriate recommendation.  And we will provide you with considerate customer service.