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The Construction Case of Grass Paver Grid

The Construction Case of Grass Grid

4. Manila grass is commonly used for turf. This kind of grass is tramplable and easy to grow. When laying turf, the gap of about 20 mm should be set aside and paved staggeredly in the shape of pin zigzag. After the turf is laid, water is poured through to make the turf soft. Then, the grass roots are pressed into the planting grid by a small roller or a plate vibrator (repeatedly). This will make it easier for grass roots to grow down.

5. Stop after one month of maintenance. If the grass is constructed between November and March of the following year (dormancy period), it should be maintained for two months before parking.

6. In the course of use or after the rainy season, if a small amount of soil is lost, some soil or sand can be evenly sprinkled from the lawn surface to fill the soil lost by the rain erosion.

7. The lawn needs to be pruned 4-6 times a year. Pull out weeds and fertilize them in time. In hot and dry season, we should often water or assemble automatic sprinkler equipment to do the necessary maintenance and management work.