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The Geomembrane Welding Machine

With the wide application of geotechnical material products, geomembrane welding machine has been widely used, so how to use the welding machine? What role does it play?

The geomembrane welding machine is one of many welding equipments. Main welding objects: HDPE, PE-C, PP, LDPE, groove geomembrane produced by textured hdpe geomembrane supplier, impermeable membrane.

Geomembrane Welding machine


1. Electric heating system: The heating temperature of the electric wedge is controlled by closed-loop and the temperature can be adjusted continuously.

Festival. According to the thickness of the material, adjust to the corresponding pressure position for welding.

2. Welding Pressure Regulating System: Continuous adjustment can be realized.

3. Driving system: The upper and lower pressure rollers are driven synchronously, and the electronic stepless speed control is adopted. The automatic control system is equipped with a tachometer generator to adjust the welding speed and keep constant, which is not affected by the change of load. The power is transmitted to the press wheel through three-stage planetary gear deceleration.


1. Mechatronics design.

2. It is small in size and light in weight. It has good maneuverability in-field operation.

3. It adopts double seam overlap welding with high-temperature control accuracy, high welding strength, and good sealing effect.

4. In the middle of it is the weld to measure the leakage of the weld. It can crawl automatically and realize automatic welding of the slope, vertical and inverted.